Clement no. 2 circa 1885

This Clément bicycle  in the collection of mr. Robert Sterba is a very well preserved bike, although I think it's a bit over-restored by the complete re-nickeling.
The hub flange shows the number 499 which could well be the serial number of the bike. That would make it an 1884-1885 model. (Look at my theory about Clement serial numbers.)

Compared to the other Clément no.2 I have pictures of, this one has some minor and some major differences. Most striking are the hubs: a completely different rear hub and on the front the Bown Aeolus patent ball bearings. It looks like Clément started with buying the Bown bearings (like a lot of other makers did), but changed to their own model after a year or so. The bike with number 2486 has Clements own model ball bearings.

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